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Winning Online: Being here is the best way to get found

Published on May 6, 2016 by admin@unitedvr



We can all agree that it is important to be easily found online in order to be successful at booking out your vacation rental. And we can further agree that having a name for your property is important to separate it from every other property out there, and make it easier to notice, remember and find.

If you have your property on UnitedVacation.Rentals and you don’t have a good name for your property, we could say you are shooting your vacation rental marketing in its own foot, but more realistically you are blowing a hole right through the heart of your marketing with a .357 magnum. You can survive shooting yourself in the foot. The heart? Not so much.

Why is it such a big deal to not have a name for your vacation rental? Because you will be losing out on the biggest online vacation rental website branding opportunity that has come along in years!


UnitedVacation.Rentals should be part of every single Vacation Rental Owner’s marketing plan. If you have a vacation rental and you don’t have a name for it, and you don’t have it listed on this website, you are losing out big time! Want to know why?

The answer is right up at the top of your computer screen. It’s that internet address in your browser window known as a URL. (That stands for Uniform Resource Locator for those of you who are interested.)

We already posted an article about why UnitedVacation.Rentals is a great name for a vacation rental website, and so search engine friendly. But let’s talk about you and your vacation rental specifically, and let’s talk about your vacation rental on this site vs. all those other websites you can list on.

In order to get your property booked, you need your property to be seen, and in order to be seen, you need to be able to be found. I have a friend who calls this “Keeping Mr. Google happy!”

Let’s say that you have taken our advice, and done the right thing and named your property Sunshine Villa in Miami. Good job. Great name.   Have you ever looked at the URL for your property on other vacation rental sites? Have you ever looked at it on this site?

It is not

Instead, it would be

Well guess what? Mr. Google loves that, because a guest can search for Sunshine Villa in Miami and guess what is going to show up? A link to your property page from a search for your name, because it was found in a URL on a site with all of the weight and power of hundreds of other vacation rentals behind it!

That is powerful, and it’s important.

It isn’t just your own individual website, hanging out there in a dark corner of the internet with such a small amount of traffic or interest in it that it can’t attract Mr. Google’s attention.

Some owners are concerned about their property being able to be found when they search for it by name on this site. Some have even asked why we don’t use listing ID’s so they can find it that way. These owner’s are completely missing the point.

Instead of searching for a property by name on this site, you can search for your property by name on GOOGLE and it will show up on this site!

And we think that is really cool.

And way better than being able to search by name on our site (which you can do anyway), and way better than not being able to search for a property by name at all on the other sites using Google.

URL’s are very important to Mr. Google. It is the first place where Mr. Google looks to determine the relevance of a webpage to what someone is looking for. The next place is of course the content of that page.

Google will never care about ID number 1234567. A number doesn’t define anything because it can be assigned to everything. It could be a part number from your refrigerator just as much as identify your vacation rental.

But property Sunshine Villa in Miami is the kind of thing that Google loves to show in search results, because it has a much higher relevance to a search than a number could ever have. When checking internet pages for relevance Google always looks at the URL first! And if the content of the page supports the URL, then Google is VERY happy.

Google doesn’t like having to figure out if 1234567 has any relevance to a user’s search. It is very easy for Mr. Google to understand that Sunshine Villa in Miami has a high degree of relevance to someone looking for a Villa in Miami, and even more relevance to someone looking for a Villa in Miami with Sunshine in the name! And Mr. Google figures if that information is really important, it is going to be in the URL. If it isn’t, not so much.

So where do you think your Vacation Rental called Sunshine Villa in Miami is more easily going to be found online?

On a page with the URL of

Or a page with the URL of  ?

How powerful is this?

Just a big thank you on your SEO you are doing. My One-of-a-kind MAUI Getaway showed up on the first page of Google in the search. Right up there with HA/VRBO. Big thank you!

Kyron (Owner)
One-of-a-Kind MAUI Getaway

1st page of Google, right up there with the big guys, after only weeks from launching our site. That powerful.

(And right now, that kind of online savvy can be promoting your property for $2.75 per month. Is that a deal, or what?)

You should have your own property listed on our website just for the boost it will give your own website in search results. And the boost it will give your property anywhere else it appears online, including our competitor’s websites.

Do you know what else Mr. Google loves? Fresh content. Every new property on our site gives Mr. Google something new to look at every time he comes around. And so do these very helpful and topical articles. They tell Mr. Google that there is new, original content arriving on this site every day. Mr. Google loves that, so he keeps coming around to check in on the site often.

You want to be here the next time he comes calling. You want Mr. Google to say “Well here’s John and Mary’s property on this new and exciting website. That makes John and Mary’s property new and exciting! Let’s give John and Mary’s website and facebook page and other ads a boost in our search results, because we know people like stuff that is fresh and exciting!”

(If you want to be a smart vacation rental owner, you want to lock that kind of help for your business in at the currently ridiculously low price of $2.75 per month before it jumps to $5.50 per month. As more properties come on board, that will go to $8.50 and eventually $16.50 per month. We really appreciate early adopters on the site and we reward ours with incredible discounts.)

It bears mentioning again here, that all of this is predicated on the owner understanding that they must establish a brand of their own for their vacation rental property. That means giving your property a name that Mr. Google can use to get to know, and show, your property online. Remember, Mr. Google loves personality and distinctiveness. It makes his job much easier. Give your property a good name. Use it consistently. Put it in the title of your listing on UnitedVacation.Rentals, and it will automatically be used to build your URL for this site.

You’ll make friends with Mr. Google, and that will be a great thing for your vacation rental!

Please forgive us while we brag a little bit. You need this kind of marketing intelligence and leadership for your property. No matter how good a VR manager you are, or how full your calendar is or isn’t, by listing your property on our site for the price of a single cup of coffee per month you not only expand your online presence, you join a group of smart progressive owners with a long term vision of independence and success for their vacation rental.

Out there somewhere is a Guest and they have heard about you, from a friend of yours, a past guest… whatever, but they are looking for you! If you have a tough time getting them to find you on your own website, or you don’t have your own website, where would you rather they find you? On a site focused on showcasing your property, and getting that Guest directly in contact with you, at no additional charge to the Guest? (That’s us!)

Or would you rather have that guest who is looking for your property find you on a site intent on removing you out of the equation, taking your Guest as their own customer, and marketing all of your competition at them at prices where no one makes any money but the listing site? And charges them Guest fees for the pleasure of serving them? (That’s the other guys!)

We understand that you need bookings. We understand that you need them now. But whether or not you have them now is largely dependent upon what you did many years ago.

The major listing sites dominate the internet and vacation rental inquiries because they started out with a strategy years ago that put them in a position to do exactly what they are doing to the industry now. Take it over, and control it.

What you do now will determine the future for your vacation rental. Declare your independence from them and build an online community that supports your vacation rental now, and you’ll have what you need in the future.

If your property is going to be found online, you want it to be found in a way that produces positive long term benefits for your business. If you’re smart, you want to do that in the most economical way.

That way is UnitedVacation.Rentals. It simply should be a part of every vacation rental owner’s tool kit.

And for less than $3 per month, there is absolutely no reason why it shouldn’t be.


Feel free to copy or share this article as long as you include the following link back to it here: Winning Online How Site Design Can Get You Found

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