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Want a great place to stay?

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Forget the online sites built by huge corporations and ‘marketers’

out to make a buck off you and your travel plans!

This site was created by Vacation Rental Owners, especially for Vacation Rental Guests!

Actually, you don’t book properties through this site. You find properties through this site!

Then you deal directly with Rental Owners who want to serve you and welcome you to the fabulous properties that they have invested countless hours and money into, just to provide you and your family with a terrific holiday vacation experience!

What are your vacation dreams?  A hidden hide-away in a tropical location? Theme park thrills? Shopping just to fill the extra empty suitcases you’re taking along? Amazing golf experiences? Hidden treasures off the beaten path? Amazing cultural experiences? Beautiful scenery?

Your vacation realities can start right here!

UnitedVacation•Rentals features properties operated by conscientious owner/managers who want and value your patronage! You’re not just a number to us. We look forward to assisting and welcoming you soon!

We LOVE you!



We’ve united together on this site to make it easy for you to connect with property owners who want and care about your business!

What makes UnitedVacation•Rentals the Greatest Vacation Rental Listing Site on Planet Earth?

No Guest User Fees!

This site is completely free for Guests to use. You can browse properties and contact owners without logging in, or paying to do so.  Keep your credit card in your wallet and spend it on your vacation!

Direct contact

Deal directly with conscientious owner/managers who want to serve you. We’re not monitoring your communications.

No Middleman

Booking direct with owners gets you better service, faster. Who knows a property better?  Its owner, or someone in a call center who’s never seen it?

Save Money

Booking directly with the owner is always going to get you the best price, with no extra fees.

Browse by Location!

Our map interface allows you to search by area right on the map. Zoom in and narrow your search to find the best locations!

Big Pictures

If a picture’s worth a thousand words, we’ve got millions of ’em! Big beautiful photos allow you to see a property in detail!

Great Sort Options

We’ve designed the site to help you narrow down and find what you’re looking for, fast! Or if you just want to browse and dream, that’s easy too!


Easy to Use

Our site design and detailed search capabilities make it easy to find the best property for your party. Even search for detailed amenities!

No Advertising!

Our site features a bright, clean user interface with no annoying pop-ups or advertising! You want to find a great property and we want to help you do that, not get in the way!

Get Details Fast

Many of our listings have buttons to get you instantly to the property’s own website if it has one. See even more detailed area, rate and availability information.

Send Inquiries Easily

Use our built-in inquiry system, or the owner’s email button if available.

User Interaction!

This site helps owners and guests interact and get to know each other. Share comments, ask questions and participate, before you book!

No Spam

We won’t fill your inbox with a bunch of useless emails. We appreciate you using our site and want to make it enjoyable for you as possible. We won’t send you silly email… especially when you’re on vacation!

No Fake Emails

We won’t send you email pretending that it is being sent by the owner.  If it comes from us, we’ll make sure it is obvious and won’t claim to be sending it on the owner’s behalf.

We LOVE you!

Oh… Did we say that already?

Browse or search through our listings below and find your perfect dream vacation spot!