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How to Search for Property Listings on the Site

It is important to understand how searches function in order to do them effectively.

You can search for properties based on their location (including their Zone), or based on other criteria such as the property or owner name.

1 – To search based on location or Zone name, use the Search Box on the Home and Search Pages

How the ‘Where do you want to go’ Search Box works:

The site will not search whatever you type in the Search Box.  The Search Box allows the user to select a search term that the site will use from a selection created based on the content of the site.

The search function begins to look up Search Terms the moment one starts to type in the “Where do you want to go” box, and it returns any location or Zone on the site that matches what is being entered.  Possible Search Terms appear in a popup menu so the user can select (click on) which one they want to use.

The site can only search the Terms it offers, not what the user types in the box. In this way, the site only provides search results based on what already exists on the site.

The alternative would be to search for things which don’t exist, which only takes more time and frustrates the user when a zero result is returned.

If you ignore the Search Terms presented and just keep typing, you won’t get any results because the system can only search for terms it has available.  Those terms are automatically created for listings when owners enter their property information on the site.


The Where do you want to go? box is a location based search and will work for any Neighborhood, City, County, State, Country or Zone you select for a Search Term.  Just start typing and choose from the choices as soon as they appear.

If what you are looking for does not appear in the pop-up, it is because it unfortunately doesn’t exist on the site (Yet!), in which case you have your answer; there is nothing to find.

Example: If you are looking for Orange Beach, just start typing ‘Orange’ in the ‘Where do You Want to Go’ field, and once you have ‘o r a’ you will have Orange Beach as a selection in the pop-up. Click on it and you will instantly see the properties we have in Orange Beach.

In some instances, you may see more than one selection that appear similar. This is because the same name could apply to more than one criteria. For example, if you search for ‘New York’, you may see three ‘New York’s appear in the pop-up menu; one each for the city, county and state of New York.

If you see multiple repeated choices in the Search Terms pop-up which shouldn’t be there, please let us know, as this can sometimes result from a property listing being set up incorrectly. Tell us which terms you see repeated and we will correct it as soon as possible. Please be aware that even after a listing is corrected, it takes over 24 hours for corrections to appear on the site.

To report a Search Term that needs correcting, please click here.

2 – To search for a property in an area you don’t know, use the Map Functionality available on the Advanced Search Page in the Properties Menu

This is particularly helpful if you don’t know the local area where you want to search, and are thus unlikely to know any local area names, such as towns, cities, counties, or even states.

At lower zoom settings, properties will appear in Clusters to keep the map visible.  The Clusters will break up as you zoom in.

Using the standard map manipulation tools, simply zoom the map as needed.  Scroll, click and drag, and zoom the map to the area you are interested in.  At a higher zoom setting, all properties will eventually appear as Property Pins. Click on a pin to see a photo and summary of the property.

Click on the Property Name in the summary to go to the Property Listing Page.

You can reach the Advanced Search Page here.

The quality of the results provided is dependent upon how well and accurately owners complete their property listing information.

Everyone appreciates the great efforts by our owners in completing their property information accurately, because this provides excellent search results. The system can’t provide information that it doesn’t have.

Property owners, please follow instructions at the following link to ensure your location information is complete:  Owner Help: How to complete your Location listing information.

3 – To search for a property based on Other Criteria, such as a Property or Owner Name

Use the General Site Search here or on the site’s Home Page.

Just type in whatever text you want to look for and press Enter or Return on your keyboard. Give it a try!

 General Site Search: